NOVA California designs and manufactures original lighting and décor with a California modern edge.

It started in 1923 in Brooklyn, New York, when two brothers living in a dark tenement apartment shared a dream to manufacture functional lighting that would improve living conditions and create a warm home ambience. They formed a family business on their kitchen table and went to work. The next generation came to Los Angeles in 1956 and were swept up by the California modernism movement.

Daniel Edelist acquired NOVA in 1993. He continues the family’s passion for modern lighting design and a commitment to improving well-being in homes and hotel residences. Eames, Nelson, Noguchi, Castiglioni and Knoll furniture inspired Daniel as a kid growing up in the Midwest and continue to be inspirational to NOVA’s products today.

In 2008, NOVA acquired Jon Gilmore Designs and began offering innovative illuminated mirrors, clocks, accent furniture and décor.

NOVA has a team of professional designers committed to creating unique lighting, décor and accessories that combine new technologies, such as LED and smart technology with local craft. NOVA employs 66 people in Los Angeles, Mexico, China and India and works with factories internationally to create products that are tasteful, modern and timeless.

NOVA is committed to understanding current market trends and designs products through its California modern lens. We believe in modern products that are functional, beautiful and improve well-being.

We are passionate about the designs we create and are excited to share these collections with you. Whether you are looking for modern lighting, decorative mirrors, illuminated mirrors or accent furniture, we hope you will enjoy the work you see in this website. In our website, we have assembled our latest collections based on key fashion trends. Drawing from influences we see around us, we have created design groupings that reflect our connection to the simple Zen aesthetic of the Pacific Rim, the craft of Mexico, the glamor of Palm Springs and the flash of Hollywood.
Thank you for your support of our original designs. We look forward to working with you to illuminate beautiful modern spaces.