Frustrated by the need to hard-wire a pendant lamps over a sectional when he would move the sectional in some new configuration of his home, David Moskowitz, the founder of NOVA of California was determined to find a creative, portable solution. He set out to create the most functional overhead lamp in the world and wanted to start with a design that was not just functional, but also beautifully sculptural. In 1962, David went to the first Milan fair and discovered Achille Castiglioni’s Arco lamp and was dumbfounded. The concept he had been working on for years was shown at the first Salone. He brought one of the first models back to Los Angeles and went to work bending tubing, testing different shades and experimenting with different base weights.

A sexy sculptural form, minimalist elegance, maneuverability, space saving benefits and flexibility are just some of the reasons interior designers and architects began buying NOVA’s arc lamps. The mushroom arc lamps debuted at the Chicago Merchandise Mart in 1964 and has been in the NOVA line for 54 years.

Modern in its design and streamlined in form, the arc lamp is adaptable to many living styles and works in almost any room in the home—from a chair-side arc over a love-seat or wing chair to a full-sized arc that extends 7 feet over a sofa or sectional, to a reading floor lamp in the study to an arched globe over a dining table, these lamps are highly versatile.

If you would like to see some of our favorite arc lamps and how they can light up various rooms of your home to create both a sculptural presence and provide overhead lighting without the need for an electrician or drilling into ceilings, please see our entire collection.

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