Instagram has been instrumental is feeding the rise in popularity of Jon Gilmore’s Infinity Mirror collection. With the fascination inspired by Yayoi Kusama’s Infinity Mirror Rooms, we have seen a spike in interest in our Jon Gilmore Infinity Mirrors.

Jon Gilmore–artist, tinkerer, and mad scientis–has been creating a range of infinity mirrors for wall décor, furniture, free-standing sculpture and clocks since 1972. The years of painstakingly soldering of miniature Christmas lights to a copper wire are gone and Jon has been using high quality LEDs and drivers to create pieces for the home that have never been seen before.

It took an 88 year old artist from Japan to bring on the most recent resurgence of interest in this 46 year old concept that originated in a small shop in Long Beach, California.

There are very few solutions to creating space in a finite living environment and I can think of nothing more dramatic than adding an illuminated infinity mirror to enlarge the perceived volume of a room.

Both artful and strategic, infinity mirrors work wonders to draw attention to a space with their reflective faces and they create magic by making any room feel more open and dimensional than it really is. Running the gamut of style, color, shape and size, these design tools can suit any contemporary aesthetic. Popular since the early 1970’s, these statement pieces are more timeless and versatile than a piece of art, as mirrors offer a blank canvas and reflect the world around us.

For living rooms, home theatre spaces, recreational rooms, or man caves, the infinity mirror is a show-stopper and Jon Gilmore has perfected the art of bending space.

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