From modern to retro, from minimal to classic, from simple elegance to wow, we wanted to share the best wall clocks we could offer. These modern time pieces will not only bring functionality to your space, they’ll add a splash of modern decor.

There are few pieces of décor that are both beautifully hand crafted and make your life that much easier. Adding a clock to your living space can make your day run smoother and make a blasé wall so much more elegant. The wall clocks pictured here don’t sacrifice functionality for quality of design.

If you are looking for accuracy, subtle movement, mechanical marvels, moving pendulums and space-bending infinity clocks, we believe we curated an assortment of clocks the likes of which you have never seen before.

Jon Gilmore has been crafting unique clocks since 1972. Each piece has been hand ground in a series of unique patterns that offers a distinct reflection depending on the ambient lighting. Each piece requires a minimum of 5 hours to hand grind.

Whether you are in your kitchen timing the perfect moment to liberate that roast or in your study making sure you get to that important meeting on schedule, wall clocks are an essential part of the home. From high-design to whimsical to complex moving marvels, a wall clock sets the pace in the home and adds an element of excitement and fun.